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  • How to get your partner's ring size - or your own!

    There are many ways to find out your finger size, or to sneakily find out your partner’s ring size. Read on for our tips - some are subtle and stealth for surprise engagements, and some help if you’re measuring for yourself. 
  • BLVD Technique - How to shop for an engagement ring

    So, you decided to take the big leap and start shopping for engagement rings. Congratulations! Investing in a beautiful piece that someone else wi...
  • This Mother's Day, Give a Gift that Means Something

    For Mother's Day, I wanted to treat myself to something special that I could one day pass down to my daughter. This decision was an easy one for me. I decided to treat myself to two stacking rings, each one representing my kids’ birthdates. 

  • Four Things You Need to Know About Ethical Diamonds

    True has a zero-tolerance policy toward conflict diamonds. Our business observes the highest ethical standards and we insist that our business partners do the same. Our diamonds are sourced from many of the world’s foremost diamantaires, all with trusted names and a history of excellence in the diamond industry. All of our diamonds are ethically and responsibly sourced and guaranteed conflict free.
  • The Right Hand Ring

    The right hand ring can represent anything that’s important to the person wearing it. Its purpose is to commemorate a milestone, an accomplishment, or simply self-love and independence. I’ve made these rings for women and men who want to recognize a promotion at work, an accomplishment like graduating a masters program, recognizing a family member or family heirloom through a specific gemstone, achieving athletic goals like triathlons, becoming a mother for the first time and so many beautiful occasions. 

  • Perfect Pear

    How to Buy a Pear-Shaped Diamond  The pear shaped diamond, also known as a teardrop, has the ultimate elegance. Wear it with the point out to elon...
  • True x The August Diaries - Deco Collection

    The Deco collection is inspired by the Art Deco era. It is elegant, and glamorous, but all of these pieces can be worn every single day. The collection includes classic hoop earrings with an optional earring charm, a signet pinky ring made with black spinel and a pendant necklace made with malachite. All pieces are solid 10k gold, which is why they are so tough and wear so well.
  • Bespoke Bridal - Made Just For You

    Trying to pick one piece of jewellery that you - or your partner - will wear every day, for the rest of your life can be a difficult one. What engagement ring should I buy? What engagement ring suits me? At True Curated Designs, we believe that is why every ring should be bespoke, made to order. That way, you know the ring is unique, like your love. Even if you choose a classic style, the ring itself is made just for you.

    As design and style experts, we will provide sound advice through the design process. When working with clients, we guide you through selection of all the elements of your ring, starting first with your budget and values. Then we can talk about design elements. 

  • How Much Should I Spend On An Engagement Ring?

    We often get asked the question "how much should I be spending on this engagement ring?" and we are going to answer with another question: “How muc...
  • How To Look After Jewellery Properly

    A beloved piece of fine jewellery is the ultimate forever piece and requires a little TLC to keep it looking good as new. The good news? You’ve invested in quality jewellery that can last forever and look new forever. The other good news? It is relatively easy to wash it once in a while to keep it looking fresh. 
  • Golden Opportunity: Sustainability, Investment and the Modern Fashionista

    But what is the price and value, tangibly? Fine jewellery is a wearable investment. Gold is a known commodity, and will appreciate in value over time. Investors will encourage owning solid gold as part of a diversified long term investment portfolio. Gold is seen as a hedge against inflation and a store of value through ups and downs of the economy. And these investors are not only talking about buying shares in gold mining companies - they’re talking about physical gold. Coins, bullion, or at True, we recommend a gorgeous piece to wear. Enjoy it now, and in the future when it’s worth significantly more and may be a nice addition to your retirement vacation fund.
  • Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Worth Considering?

    Buying a diamond is a personal and emotional experience, especially when you are purchasing an engagement ring or significant piece for a loved one...