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  • Ring Stacks 101

    Maybe your jewelry collection is growing and you want to show it off. Maybe you know that layering and stacking is the latest trend when it comes to jewelry and you're ready to try it out. Whatever it is, we've created the perfect beginner's guide to learning how to stack your rings like a pro. The perfect blend of rad style and perfect comfort awaits... 
  • Coachella Style Report 2022

    Coachella is a season - it's that beautiful time just at the cusp of spring where it's already summer in California. Coachella season is not just about the music, as much as we'd all like to admit that the lineup announcement every year is exciting. Here to guide you through the perfect storm of opportunity to showcase your favorite new pieces, we're breaking down the best jewelry style trends that will take you through this season and into Endless Summer.
  • Gender Neutral Jewelry Collection

    The True Gender Neutral Collection features modern and contemporary gold textures and edgy finishes that enhance any look. The collection features travel-inspired motifs like a True North compass and a St. Christopher pendant as a cheeky nod to not being confined by borders - be it geographic, gender or style. Along with these designs are masculine-inspired chain styles chosen specifically to layer together and be durable for wearing 24/7 on your travels -- because there should be no limitations when it comes to self expression or adventure. 

  • Opposites Attract: Pairing Your Band with Your Rock

    A match made in heaven — and no we’re not just talking about you and your partner getting married. We’re talking about your engagement ring and your wedding band. Here are six key points to keep in mind when you're shopping for your wedding band. 

  • Everything You Need to Know About Gold Jewelry

    Gold jewelry’s beauty is undeniable, but there are also several reasons why it’s a good long-term investment. True’s fine jewelry experts are explain everything you need to know about gold jewelry.
  • St. Patrick’s Day Collection

    In honor of St. Patrick's Day, why not add a sophisticated flare of green to your [pot of] gold? 

  • Why Does Your Skin Turn Green When You Wear Some Jewelry?

    There’s a reason why certain jewelry turns your skin green. Get True’s expert insider knowledge on why this happens and how to avoid it. 

  • Top Jewelry Trends for 2022

    After a lot of the same the last couple years, it's time for the new. Here's what to expect in 2022 jewelry trends: 

    The personal touch will be even stronger than ever before. You’ve been through a global pandemic - you want to express yourself, you want to mark the occasion, you want meaning and now you’re writing your own self-expressed fashion rules. Read on... 

  • Everyday Jewelry Haul with @theaugustdiaries

    Watch below - Jillian Lansky of @theaugustdiaires shares a full overview of the new Alchemy collection with you.

    Solid 10 karat gold, so you can wear it 24/7 - in the shower, exercise, and playing with her new baby Lachlan.

  • How to Layer Necklaces Without Tangling

    Watch this short 30-second video to see how you can layer necklaces without them tangling - so they can take you from day to night without a fuss!
  • How to get your partner's ring size - or your own!

    There are many ways to find out your finger size, or to sneakily find out your partner’s ring size. Read on for our tips - some are subtle and stealth for surprise engagements, and some help if you’re measuring for yourself. 
  • BLVD Technique - How to shop for an engagement ring

    So, you decided to take the big leap and start shopping for engagement rings. Congratulations! Investing in a beautiful piece that someone else wi...