Fall 2022 Trends

Fall 2022 Trends

As designers, we're in the time of year that trend forecasts are released. Here's I've highlighted the best of the best in jewelry - which trends will have staying power (read: worth investing in) and which ones will be hot in the coming months and into 2023. Read on for the Trends Hot List. 

Chains Chains Chains

You probably already have a favorite layering chain or pendant that stays on all the time, and pairs well with all your other necklaces. This isn't going anywhere - in fact, add a few more to your regular rotation. The chains that we've loved all year including paperclip, herringbone nad curb chains are sticking around, and now there's even more cool and unique styles like cuban, figaro and the Rope Chain is my personal fav of the moment. 


Chain layers

Ear Stacks

The "Curated" in True Curated Designs is all about the way you mix & match, layer and 'curate' your jewelry for a personalized look. One of the mega trends is the curated ear. Like putting together an outfit, you can do the same up your ear, and make each ear unique! See what looks great on you, be it multiple hoops or differently shaped studs. We recommend earring charms to get the look without the investment. 


Ear stacks

Get Creative 

If you're the same as me, you want timeless jewelry but also you want something that's fashion forward! One way to play with this trend is to pick something that is personal to you - for me it's the Lion - and play with layering. Or maybe you have a colour or shape that's meaningful but adds interest to your stacks this fall. We’re seeing animals coming back: butterflies, snakes, lions, cougars, and ladybugs. Hearts are back too—that sweet feminine look. Enamel is everywhere too - we've started with black checkered patterns for the disruptive sophisticate.

Check out our bff collection bracelets and necklaces - the perfect ode to the 80's and 90's creative styles we will continue to see (and also on trend with the hearts!) 



Surprise Element

White gold is coming back. We know some of you have always worn white gold... and we know some of you are die hard yellow gold fans (myself included!) but what we're seeing is that diamonds and white gold are shinning brightly and you'll see these cooler tones more and more into the New Year. 


White gold rings