Sizing Guide

There are many ways to find out your finger size, or to sneakily find out your partner’s ring size. Read on for our tips - some are subtle and stealth for surprise engagements, and some help if you’re measuring for yourself. 

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Tips before you start: 

1. If you are between sizes, order a larger size. It's much easier to size down on a ring than to size up if you need to have it re-sized.

2. When measuring, make sure your finger is at a normal body temperature. Fingers tend to expand when hot, and shrink when cold, and the difference could be up to a full size or more! So don't measure after you've been to the gym, or if you're outside on a cold day, for example. 

3. When measuring, make sure you can slide the ring on and off your finger, over the knuckle. You're looking for a snug, not tight fit.

4. Don't want to order a ring sizer? You can also measure across the diameter (across the inside middle of the ring) on another ring that fits your finger that you're looking to buy the ring for. Use the chart below to find out your size! 




Ring Size Chart | True Curated Designs


Ring Sizing

Option 1: Measure a ring

If you already own a ring that fits on the finger you’re measuring, this is perfect. If you measure the internal diameter of your ring (in mm), that is, across the middle of the ring, inside to inside. It should match with the corresponding size in the ring chart below. 

Option 2. Measure your finger

Measure a ring with a string or a thin strip paper. This can be easily done and can help find your size. Cut a long string or piece of paper that's about 6-inches long, wrap it snugly around the base of your finger, but make sure to not let the string stretch while you're wrapping it around your finger. Be sure the paper or string can slide on and off over your knuckles. Then, mark the spot where the string or paper meets and measure that. 

Option 3: Ask around 

There is a chance that her close friends or family already know her ring size, especially if you two have already discussed marriage in your future together. Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone you can trust to keep the secretary - they might have the information that you need! 

Engagement Ring | True Curated Designs

Option 4: Take a guess or send us a photo

When designing rings for collections, the industry uses a size 6 as the ‘average’ finger size. Knowing this, you may be able to guess if she may size up or down based on whether she has smaller hands or fingers. Also think about what is her dominant hand - usually the non-dominant hand is half a size smaller. For example, if she’s right handed and wears a ring on her right hand ring finger, you could probably safely get something half size smaller. 

Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to the True team for tips! We see a lot of hands and fingers and we’re experts in this area! Through simply looking at photos of her, we can help guide you pretty closely to the right size or ways to find out. 

Option 5: Shop Our Free Ring Sizer

If it's your own finger and you don't know your ring size, we have ring sizers available for just $1 (to process the online transaction so we can send it to you), and free shipping!


Necklace Sizing

Necklace lengths will hang approximately as you see them below, depending on the size of your neck. Note that when you put a pendant on a necklace, the chain will hang slightly lower from the weight of the pendant.

 Necklace Length Chart | True Curated Designs

This guide is for reference only. If in doubt, please reach out to customer service. Our team can also assist with styling and any other questions.