Negative Space -- Positive Impact

Negative Space -- Positive Impact

Recently, I took space.

A retreat on a stunning remote beach in Juluchuca, Guerrero, Mexico. 

Somewhere between learning to balance work, play and chill, I found myself taking on more projects to fill the space. One of such projects being arm balance yoga poses - the irony of balance is not lost on me. Here, it occurred to me that this negative space had actually created room for more.

Playa Viva Mexico | True Curated Designs

As this is a jewelry blog I'd be remiss not to draw the parallel in that this has also been my philosophy on wearing Fine Jewelry: To wear your jewelry not an accessory, but as a part of you - so that you can be a part of your life. But ultimately, my bid to you is to practice negative space this summer, for a positive impact on your life. Try new arm balances and life balances. Mix in a little salty skin, salty hair and salty banter. 

Spend all day in the heat, then cool off with a glass of rosé. Insist that it be from the Provence region of France because, well, you need that perfect shade of peachy-pink. Eat Charcuterie on the beach. Do not stop to consider where the cracker salt on the tips of your fingers ends and the sand begins.

Beach Jewelry | True Curated Designs

{Shown: Compass Ring & Cigar Ring}

Frantically lick ice-cream in a race against time. Help a stranger pump their bike tire. Research all the hidden waterfalls in the area and make a plan to skinny dip in one. Call your Grandma. Crash into a wave while intercepting a frisbee. Overpay for a hard seltzer out of somebody's cooler. Take a nap in a hammock. Wake up drooling. Apply sunscreen... or don't. Ask the beautiful people playing Spike Ball if they need one more. Wonder how far you'll have to drive to get away from the light pollution of the city. Then make it happen. Test out a new recipe. Convince a friend to bring her guitar then watch the crowd gather as it turns into a spontaneous concert. Gaze into the sunset. Do it more than once. Lose track of time until you're the last one left on the beach. Wade into the ocean at midnight. Have a first kiss under the stars. 

Beach Jewelry | True Curated Designs


And let your favorite piece of Fine Jewelry be that shiny reminder that you have space in your life to accessorize it with joy. Because while the jewelry is Fine, life is the luxury.



Photos by Come Plum / Location Playa Viva Resort