Have Ring, Will Travel

Have Ring, Will Travel

The True Curated Designs gal is one with strong personal boundaries, but no worldly ones. 

At True, we believe that jewelry should add to your lifestyle, not take away from it. We also believe that you should look and feel confident in your jewelry, no matter where it goes. And that means there should be no additional complications to your travel - jewelry especially.

I recently took a trip to Juluchuca, Mexico, in the middle of moving from California to Canada. The stress was not about taking my entire life's worth of clothing and shoes to a remote, off-grid beach down south, but more around my recently custom designed Stetson Hat (if you know, you know...or, "iykyk" as the next Gen says) that travelling with a hat is a special adventure in itself. This hat was personally designed by me, with beautiful gold pins, and charms, a burned branded "T" representing both my name and True, a hand-selected silk scarf in my favourite warm pinks and earthy orange, and of course some dried flowers and wheat sheaths to represent where I came from. #prairiegirl

Flying directly to Canada from this trip also meant that my entire personal collection of jewelry (including samples, which I often take with me to photograph in beautiful places I travel) had to come with me. Not just to move home, but for a week of yoga on a very remote beach in Mexico.  So, while I often travel with only a few pieces, and usually wear them all, in this case that was not possible. This sparked for me - it must be the case for many people! Whether they're traveling across many borders, travelling for multiple occasions that will require various styles or amounts of jewelry, or simply someone who prefers to pack, not wear, their jewelry on a trip, I wanted to share some insider industry secrets. 

1. Get a jewelry case. Keep the jewelry safe this way. 

We have our own branded True case. Pure sophistication with clean lines and just the right amount of detail. Take this case wherever you go while keeping your jewelry in place and creating a travel style that’s just for you – business, leisure, and everything in between. For the person who loves countries they've never been to and people they've never met. 

2. Plastic Ziplock bags. Please re-use them and do your part for the environment.

That's right! I remember being stunned when I first entered the industry and saw diamonds, gemstones and gold all shipped and wrapped in a basic ziplock. After inquiring, I learned that there are multiple benefits to plastic bags. You can individually wrap each piece (including separating individual earrings) so that they don't scratch one another. They're clear so easy to see and select your jewelry. The air-tight nature of the plastic allows for no humidity to impact the jewelry. The opening can be zip-locked right over the chains of a necklace, leaving just the bail out, so that the chains do not twist and tie themselves together. If they do, more to come on how to un-tangle a necklace! 

3. Wear it all. Yep -- this is the foolproof solution. Not always possible if you're taking your entire personal jewelry collection with you, but for some more low maintenance beach vacations, it's a great options. 

4. I also recommend the St. Christopher pendant for travel. St. Christopher is the patron saint of travel - and with this pendant being the perfect size and style for layering, and solid gold, I like to keep it with me just incase any unexpected life turbulence occurs on the trip. 


Enjoy the ride! And take good care on the plane with your hats, babies and jewelry.