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The Vancouver Sun

Vancouver jewelry designer aims to reimagine process of buying engagement ring

Tori Dundas is looking to change the way couples shop for engagement rings.

Doing away with the pre-made and fixed-price model, the Vancouver-based jewelry designer and business owner of True Curated Designs offers customers bespoke creations that work with a budget first, and then go from there.


Nuvo Magazine

The History and Meaning Behind Right-Hand Rings

She compares jewellery purchases to travel: both are an investment, and while one makes memories, the other commemorates them. Since people aren’t travelling right now, they are choosing to spend money on other meaningful things that help boost their mood, whether in their home or on their right hand. Read the full article...

Vita Daily

Jewelry Trend: The Right-Hand Ring for Galentine’s Day

The right hand ring can represent anything that’s important to the person wearing it. Its purpose is to commemorate a milestone, an accomplishment, or simply self-love and independence. I’ve made these rings for women and men who want to recognize a promotion at work, an accomplishment like graduating a masters program, recognizing a family member or family heirloom through a specific gemstone, achieving athletic goals like triathlons, becoming a mother for the first time and so many beautiful occasions. Read on...


The Independent | Indy 100

10 Best Independent Jewellery Designs to Treat Yourself In Style


We’re living in the era of self-love, and nothing says you care about yourself like a stunning right hand ring. True Curated Designs, the brainchild of independent jewelry designer Tori Dundas, started as a place to come for your custom engagement rings but quickly morphed into a place where Tori creates all sorts of gorgeous baubles, many of which she says are custom right-hand rings commissioned by the wearers themselves. Read on...


The Daily Hive

23 great holiday gifts that give back to worthy causes

The holiday season is the perfect time to give back and support some amazing causes.

From a makeup company that donates to Indigenous programs to jewelry that supports single moms and healthcare workers, here’s a round-up of items you can feel good about gifting to your friends and family this year.

Inspired by a compass, the solid 14k Italian gold True North bracelet ($169) is a beautiful homage to adventure, a reminder of the journey and the destination, and a way to wear your north star on your wrist. Net proceeds support the BC Women’s Health Foundation.


The Vancouver Sun

Local love: 16 fabulous gift ideas from B.C. brands, makers

With the holiday gifting season nearly upon us, there is perhaps no better time than now to shop local in order to support homegrown entrepreneurs.


Western Living 

8 Gorgeous, Out-of-the-Box Jewellery Finds for the Festive Season 

Although 2020 is a year we’d probably like to all forget, these pretty shiny baubles make for the perfect gift to remember.


Vita Daily 

The Holiday Issue 

What if the diamond ring under the tree this year is not for your finger, but for your nose?

“It means people are looking for beautiful things in unexpected places. Piercings are a way to individualize your look and create uniqueness."