Small Choices, Big Impact - Earth Day Blog

Small Choices, Big Impact - Earth Day Blog

I recently was speaking to a thought leader in the environmental sustainability field. I mentioned how much it impacts me that I can't do more for the environment and asked how I could possibly get involved in a bigger way. His insight was to start small. Reflecting on daily choices, as an individual, is enough. I had always felt that my impact as one individual person was not enough. Upon reflection, I did need to start at home. I have been trying to boil the ocean without reflecting on my own daily pot of water that I could boil -- so to speak. My ask of you, is to take stock this Earth Day - a day to remind us to reflect on our own actions, every day. 

True Curated Jewelry

While many of us strive to reduce our carbon footprint through recycling and using eco-friendly products, we may not consider less obvious daily choices like the environmental impact of the jewelry we wear.

Fast fashion has become a popular trend in the jewelry industry, but it comes at a cost to the environment. The production of cheap, disposable jewelry often involves the use of toxic chemicals and non-renewable resources, as well as unethical labor practices. Additionally, these pieces are often discarded quickly, contributing to the already overwhelming amount of waste in our landfills.

I, personally, love the ethos "buy it nice or buy it twice" - that's one way I can impact landfills. This is one very small value feature of fine jewelry that is not fast fashion. These pieces are made with high-quality materials that are meant to last for generations, making them a sustainable choice for both the environment and your wardrobe. By purchasing timeless jewelry pieces, you can reduce your environmental impact and support ethical practices in the industry.

True Curated

In addition to fine jewelry and other non-fast-fashion attire, we have our True Curated Designs' Re-Curated collection. This collection features hand-selected pieces that have been restored and reimagined, breathing new life into pre loved jewelry. To stay in touch, sign up to our email list and see when we post new items! 

So echoing the impactful but simple advice I recently received - reflect this Earth Day by considering the impact your small daily choices have on the environment.