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The heart of True beats for women who are true to themselves. Who have worked hard to get where they are and aren’t afraid to define milestones that they’ve accomplished. And no matter how many incredible people were inevitably by their side supporting it, they recognize the power from within required to accomplish these achievements.

Right Hand Ring Pink Tourmaline | True Curated Designs

Enter: The Right Hand Ring. This style, traditionally called the “cocktail ring”, came from a strong and beautiful history. The 1920s gave birth to a rise of women celebrating their independence, while maintaining their strength in femininity. They started wearing these large and incredible gemstones on their right hands as a symbol of their earning power, status and beauty. The name comes from the prohibition era where these women also used to enjoy a cocktail or two with the boys, while celebrating their victories. Who can blame them? They earned it. 

The significance behind the True Right Hand Ring design was inspired by this celebration of courage -- and my own personal milestone of starting this very business, True. The True right hand ring features a 2-3 carat “cocktail” gemstone of your choice - I chose pink tourmaline because it is a gorgeous colour and a precious gemstone strong enough to handle everyday wear, and keep up with my active, well-travelled lifestyle. And it matches my favourite “cocktail” - rosé wine - of course! The stone stands tall and proud on a 4-prong claw setting, made from modern 14 karat yellow gold with a 1.7mm thin band and features an understated hidden halo, only visible from the sides - because sometimes the most beautiful and incredible parts of you can't be seen. I am so proud to have created True and get to be living my purpose in creating beautiful things in this world to help people signify huge moments in their lives - whether that’s their love for another person through engagement rings, or whether it’s a gift of self love like a right hand ring, or any other milestone that begs a beautiful piece of jewellery that is symbolic and a wearable investment. 

Let's design and select the perfect gemstones to represent the incredible milestones you’ve achieved. #BeTrueToYou


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