What's Your Ring Style

You want your ring to be personal, and unique, like your love. From vintage to boho to glamorous, there are many choices!

As design and style experts, we will provide sound advice. When working with clients, we guide you through selection of all the elements of your ring:  the setting and shank, the center diamond or gemstone, and the style.

Ring Settings

Below are some of the most common ring settings and shank styles. 


Style is a bit more personal. We have grouped a few main categories. Which best describes what you’re looking for? Classic, Vintage, Modern, Romantic, Glamorous, Boho, Non-Traditional, Edgy.


Clean lines and a simple aesthetic are the main design points on a classic ring. These often minimal designs are all about the main diamond. A classic design will never go out of style, and will not be defined by a certain period in time. A classic ring is the ‘LBD’ - little black dress - of engagement rings. It goes with everything, everyone could wear one, and it never goes out of style. 

Frequently used settings and shanks on a classic design: Solitaire, halo, knife edge band, eternity mele diamond band, three-stone

Vintage and Romantic 

Many vintage rings have characteristics from a certain time period, for example Art Deco or Art Nouveau. They often have hand engraving and are set with an old Euro cut diamond - though not always. Vintage engagement rings are meant to tell a story and hold a history, so this begs the question - what inspired this? What meaning do the intricate details have, if not just for style? Who may have worn it in the past? What other life have these gemstones and diamonds seen? Vintage rings spark intrigue, if this style is for you. Romantic style rings often have the same design elements with ornate motifs and floral influence, lots of detail and mele diamonds, but may have less of a historically inspired perspective.

Frequently used settings and shanks: Tapered or reverse tapered, engraved

Modern / Contemporary

Modern engagement rings are sleek, with clean and structured lines. They often don’t have much intricate detail, but the main focus is on either the diamond, or the precious metal associated with holding it. Modern rings are all about the beauty of the lines and angles, can have an adrogynous feel, and often have high polish finishes. 

Frequently used settings and shanks: Bezel set, tension set


The purpose of a glamorous ring is one thing only: To turn heads. These rings make a statement with their beauty, brilliance and are there to get noticed. They often feature one or many big diamonds or gemstones, or statement making mele eye-catching and light catching designs. Go big or go home.

Frequently used settings and shanks: Diamond band, split shank, halo, three-stone


The important element in boho style engagement rings are that they are dainty and eye catching in their uniqueness. Borrowing from many fashion subcultures from the 60s and 70s, but with a high-fashion edge, Boho rings are about detail and style - though less ornate than a vintage or romantic style ring.

Frequently used settings and shanks: Twist, simple engagement ring with a crown or elemental wedding band 


Edgy engagement rings have been gaining momentum in the jewellery industry as the culture to rebel against the traditional. Black diamonds or sapphires are popular with these styles, and while they have a rock-and-roll chic appeal, and a gothic edge, they also stand up as very classy (Black is so classic, isn’t it?). 

Frequently used settings and shanks: Black diamonds, black rhodium-plated metal, knife edge, uniquely shaped diamonds


A non-traditional engagement ring makes a statement by not making a statement. It can be mistaken for not being an engagement ring, and defies the rules of bridal. These styles often have no center stone, and often the wedding and relationship are also non-traditional and not following the rules of society. 

Frequently used settings and shanks: Not applicable