Customer Reviews

 "Could not recommend more!! As someone who knew next to nothing about diamonds going into the process of designing the ideal engagement ring, Tori put my mind to ease with her thorough explanation of the different characteristics of diamonds, and how to maximize the value of the end product. The design process was enjoyable from start to finish, resulting in a ring that was extra special given the amount of input I was able to have throughout the design. My Fiancé absolutely loves her ring - to this day (almost a year after our engagement) I still catch her locked onto her left hand admiring its shine. If you are someone that is looking for a top of the line custom engagement ring, True Curated Designs is your answer!"

- Jordan S.

"A girl always dreams about the day she will get engaged to her forever person. I still remember my fiancé getting down on one knee and opening the True ring box for the first time. The ring literally took my breath away. After putting my ring on I could not stop staring at it. The sparkle and beauty of the diamonds always draws peoples attention. So many people come up and ask me where my ring is from. The quality and uniqueness makes True rings stand out. The amount of detail and care that Tori puts in to each and every single one of her rings makes them truly unique and special. I am so grateful that my fiancé had Tori make my own custom ring because I know there is no other ring out there that is the same, and that it was made specifically for me. I know other girls who have been lucky enough to get True rings and they all are gorgeous! I am so lucky that my fiancé chose True and that I get to wear my dream ring with my forever person!"

- Tessa V.

“I called the Curated team with an extremely tight deadline, high anxiety, and zero knowledge of engagement rings. Within minutes the Curated team  calmed me down with their professionalism and deep knowledge of the industry. They were able to provide advice to provide me with the perfect engagement ring, on time, under budget and even more beautiful than I had hoped. The Curated experience was truly a white glove experience and I cannot recommend it enough.”

- Matt D.

"Tori helped me create the most beautiful engagement ring for my wife! I was a bit hesitant about not seeing the ring before buying it.. but the whole process turned out to be surprisingly smooth! Tori was great at explaining how it all worked and setting a timeline. The ring showed up exactly the way it appeared in renderings. My wife loved the ring so much, that we ordered her custom wedding band through True a year later. Highly recommend!"

- Austin L.

"Tori created me the dream ring I never even knew I wanted. My fiancé Justin proposed to me on a trip to my home country, in the town that I was born, on top of one of my favourite hills in the whole wide world - the Glastonbury Tor. I wasn't expecting it and I have never been asked a question that has made me happier in my whole life. And the ring! Wow, I didn't think I cared about jewelry until Justin gave me this beautiful gift. He worked with Tori in quiet for 3 months to design a ring specifically for me. He kind of knew what he wanted and Tori had paid careful attention to my style and jewellery (we met her through friends). Together, they created me the dream ring I had never even imagined before. It's perfect for me. Tori has been a pleasure to get to know since Justin proposed, working with me to resize and care for my new favourite possession. Her excitement for our engagement is genuine and it shows in how much care she has put into making this moment perfect for both of us. We can't wait to get working on our wedding bands!"
- Megan & Justin B.