True x The August Diaries - Deco Collection

True x The August Diaries - Deco Collection
Jill Lansky of The August Diaries | True Curated DesignsNobody wears jewellery like Jill Lansky of The August Diaries. When we connected with her, it was a perfect match. She loves to layer necklaces and earrings and stack rings and we are all about that. Every one of our collections is designed with unique and defined style, but also with wearable minimalism for the ability to layer and create your own look. 

We also connected on the durable and high quality nature of True jewellery. Why keep precious things in a box? We love to make jewellery that is made to be worn. Jill also loved that, as she keeps her jewellery on all the time - even for showering and going to bed. If you're hesitant about solid gold, this is one great reason to make the sustainable investment. This jewellery is made to be worn and to fit your lifestyle. 

We interviewed Jill for her take on jewellery: 

  1. What drew you to True Curated Designs, specifically? At first, it was the designs. But it was really the quality that hooked me. Tori understands that people don't want to take their jewellery off every time they shower or go to bed - she wants her jewellery to be really worn. And I love that. 
  2. Why were you inspired by the Art Deco era for this collection? I've always had an affinity for the Art Deco era. It's such an extraordinary period for design, whether it's fashion, jewelry or architecture. I'm very drawn to the geometric aspect of it and I love how it was inspired by so many different countries and cultures around the world. 
  3. Any key tips for layering necklaces? Play with length and chain texture! I also love to mix up pendant shapes when layering - wear one square pendant (like our necklace) and one bar or round pendant. It's much less boring. 

  4. What about stacking rings? I love stacking rings, and lately I've found more is more. To start, I love to layer rings that are different sizes and weights - pair a simple band with your favourite chunkier statement ring. 
  5. Can you comment on symmetry when it comes to earrings and wearing different pieces in each ear? I love asymmetry in jewellery! Whether it's a different number of piercings, or different earrings in each ear, I think as long as it looks balanced, it works. 
  6. What do you say about mixing metals? I've always loved mixing metals. I think style "rules" are kind of bull sh-t to be honest. 
  7. Any favourite pieces that you own - from this collection, or generally? It's hard to pick one from this collection, but I'm most proud of the necklace. It's like nothing I've seen and I'm really glad we went with the green malachite stone. It's simple and unique at the same time and something I wear 24/7 (actually I wear all the pieces 24/7). 

This Deco collection is inspired by the Art Deco era. It is elegant, and glamorous, but all of these pieces can be worn every single day. The collection includes classic hoop earrings with an optional earring charm, a signet pinky ring made with black spinel and a pendant necklace made with malachite. All pieces are solid 10k gold, which is why they are so tough and wear so well.


Deco Necklace | True Curated Designs


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The August Diaries Deco Collection | True Curated Designs