The Right Hand Ring

The Right Hand Ring

Tori Dundas recently spoke with lifestyle, business and fashion news magazine Vita Daily about the trend she's been seeing - the right hand ring (a name Tori coined) - as a way for clients to celebrate a milestone, modernize a family heirloom or just plain treat themselves. 

Read the article here, or read on for excerpts.

Right Hand Ring | True Curated Designs


Tell us about the “right-hand ring” trend: what is it, and when did you first start to notice it emerging?

The right-hand ring trend has been around for years. This style of large and incredible gemstones worn on the right hand was originally called the “cocktail ring”. Women in the 1920s and 1930s wore these rings as a symbol of their earning power and independence—they often enjoyed a cocktail or two without the boys. I love the symbol of empowerment and recognition of great accomplishments. The ring has such a beautiful history.

What can a right-hand ring represent? What types of occasions/milestones do you see people rocking one for?

The right hand ring can represent anything that’s important to the person wearing it. Its purpose is to commemorate a milestone, an accomplishment, or simply self-love and independence. I’ve made these rings for women and men who want to recognize a promotion at work, an accomplishment like graduating a masters program, recognizing a family member or family heirloom through a specific gemstone, achieving athletic goals like triathlons, becoming a mother for the first time and so many beautiful occasions. 

Are there any “design” rules for right-hand rings?

Not at all! This is such a personal design process. The rule of thumb at True is quality, which goes for all of our jewelry. The idea is that you’ll wear this everyday—like an engagement ring—so we make sure the design suits your style, taste and lifestyle. I also recommend specific materials such as type of gold, or gemstones, based on those key elements.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, how can a right-hand ring be a great gift or create a new tradition?

This Valentine’s Day we want to celebrate love of one’s self—not only love in partnerships and relationships. 2020 was a difficult year for everyone and we were all challenged to be resilient despite the obstacles in front of us. Navigating challenges is how we grow and learn, or show ourselves some extra grace and love as we navigate uncertain times. I hope that no matter what people went through this year, that they can commemorate the internal strength and courage it took to get through these times. I believe that everyone deserves self love. On a personal note, I define my life through moments of courage. Those “sliding door” moments in life where instead of taking the easy path, I dig deep to take risks and inevitably reach new goals. I designed my right-hand ring when I took one such leap into entrepreneurship, and my love of self shines through my love of True, and helping other people commemorate their loves. True love.

Right Hand Ring | True Curated Designs


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