Ring Stacks 101

Ring Stacks 101

Maybe your jewelry collection is growing and you want to show it off. Maybe you know that layering and stacking is the latest trend when it comes to jewelry and you're ready to try it out. Whatever it is, we've created the beginner's guide to stacking your rings like a pro. The perfect blend of rad style and perfect comfort awaits...  

1. Theme the stack

If you are going to follow one rule, this is it. You can stack far and wide, but try to stick to a theme. What we mean by this is, if you're doing whimsical rings, they should all be whimsical. Same goes for designs that are geometric, minimal, contemporary, vintage, mid-century modern, glam, edgy, etc. 

Arc Ring | True Curated Designs

2. Mix metals

This is totally A. OK. Especially if you're afraid to put a different metal color next to your wedding band - don't be! Mixing metals is no longer a faux-pas. The trick is to disperse them evenly. Avoid having one hand fully silver and the other hand gold - but feel free to alternate or even put a similar ring in different metals on the same hand as a vertical stack.  

3. Vertical versus horizontal 

If you're keen to wear rings on every finger, keep it to one ring per finger. However, if you are keen to try multi-knuckle layering (i.e. rings above the first knuckle closer to your fingernail) or rings stacked vertically on one finger, leave one or two of your fingers bare naked. Show some skin. It's the 'tasteful side boob' of the ring stacking look. 

Aztec Ring | True

4. You do you, boo

If you're someone who really loves to pull off a glam look, then definitely add to your stack by wearing bracelets and necklaces as well. However, if you're someone who is more of a minimalist, then maybe take it easy on other jewelry pieces if you're trying the 'brass knuckles' look for the first time. 

Think of it the same way as necklaces and earrings - usually you'd only go big on one or the other, unless your signature style is bling. 

5. The headliner brings in the crowd

Start with your anchor ring, and stack around that. Say, plain gold bands around a diamond engagement ring. Or one larger ring with a colorful gemstone and others that are more neutral. 

The exception to this rule: Matchy Matchy. If you're wearing the same ring across all fingers, go big and wear it on 4 fingers straight across! Whether it's a thin gold band or a thicker cigar ring, more is more and it works like a charm. 

Stacking Rings | True Curated Designs

6. Color coordinate

If you like to have colorful nails, stick to neutral gemstones like diamonds or black spinel or white topaz. If you're someone who keeps nails bare or prefers a neutral shade, take a risk on a colored stone. We favour turquoise for summer, green tourmaline for moody fall or spring, and aquamarine as a gorgeous light blue for all year round.

7. Embrace the friend

If you're new to stacking rings, it will feel a bit weird at first. Fingers that haven't had rings on them before, rings that touch together, that sort of thing. Just trust the process and know it gets more comfortable and easier over time - you haven't done anything wrong, style-wise! 

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