How to Save Bling on your Ring

How to Save Bling on your Ring

How to get the best … and keep a little extra for champagne

A great way to get more value for your money when buying a diamond engagement ring is to pay attention to the combination of the four C’s: Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat Weight. Pay attention, but don’t get hung up on what you can’t see with the naked eye. Invisible flaws can make a diamond unique! At True, we will guide you through the entire process.

Engagement Ring Choose the stone that appeals most to you, but why choose a 3-carat stone when you’ll get disproportionally more value with a 2.98 carat stone that looks identical? This is a trick of the trade.

Here’s where you don’t cut corners! On the Cut of the diamond. It won’t significantly increase the price, but a well-cut diamond will give off incredible sparkle and ensure your diamond makes the biggest impact for its size.

True will also help you select a diamond colour – some are colourless (D-E-F) and some are near colourless (G-H-I). Many people cannot tell the difference!

We’ll also help you with the measurements of the diamond. The carat weight of a diamond is often not the telling feature of how big it will look.

What’s assuring in all these considerations is that diamond quality is graded internationally by the GIA and True Curated Designs are experts.

You’ve already made the big decision – to get engaged. The experts at True will help you get more for your money, and doesn’t that make everyone happy?

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