Golden Opportunity: Sustainability, Investment and the Modern Fashionista

Golden Opportunity: Sustainability, Investment and the Modern Fashionista
Solid Gold Chains

Fine jewellery. You’re hearing more and more about it -- but do you question spending more for the real thing? We assure you, it’s definitely worth it. At True, we believe in solid gold. Incredibly beautiful, uniquely valuable and historically fascinating, gold is like no other metal on earth. Let us enlighten you into the golden opportunity: Sustainability, investment and the modern fashionista.


Fine jewellery represents the epitome of “buy less, buy better”. Diamonds - and gold - really are forever. 

As a savvy shopper, you’re probably paying more attention to the quality of your purchases, as well as the entire supply chain, product process and product afterlife. At True, we encourage this transparency of the supply chain - where your gold and gemstones are coming from - as well as the product process and product lifespan. All our pieces are made to last forever, which means no disposal impact on the environment. As for the supply chain, every True custom-designed piece is made locally in Vancouver, Canada, doing our part to minimize the social and environmental footprint. And we are seeing more customers bringing in family heirlooms, knowing they are no longer modern designs but wanting to re-use the gold and gemstones. They want to carry on the memory and the emotion of the piece through re-designing it with the same materials. Great for the environment, great for your pocket book! 


Yes, fine jewellery is an emotional investment. It’s a significant purchase, with the purpose of love, celebration, commitment. Something to mark a moment in time, something you’ll remember forever and have a corresponding piece to last forever, too. That makes fine jewellery priceless

But what is the price and value, tangibly? Fine jewellery is a wearable investment. Gold is a known commodity, and will appreciate in value over time. Investors will encourage owning solid gold as part of a diversified long term investment portfolio. Gold is seen as a hedge against inflation and a store of value through ups and downs of the economy. And these investors are not only talking about buying shares in gold mining companies - they’re talking about physical gold. Coins, bullion, or at True, we recommend a gorgeous piece to wear. Enjoy it now, and in the future when it’s worth significantly more and may be a nice addition to your retirement vacation fund.


So, you’re conscious of your social and environmental impact, stepping away from fast fashion. You’re smart, owning a wearable investment. That all said, you also want to look great! Let’s talk fashion. 

True is all about jewellery that fits into your lifestyle. Every one of our pieces follows the principles of: Quality, lifestyle, style. 

Quality: When buying fine jewellery, we often equate quality to the finest materials - solid gold and precious gemstones; commodities that keep their value and look beautiful. And while they’re precious, they need not be fragile! Fine jewellery, ideally, is made to last. The point of fine jewellery is it doesn’t need to be taken off between work and workout. While materials are important, so are designs that have been thought through structurally and with the intent to wear. Some jewellers will use minimum materials in order to keep prices down. True is about getting the value that you pay for. Before launching any design, I wear my jewellery 24/7 to test comfort (think: sleeping with earrings on, typing with bracelets on), adverse conditions (think: Hot yoga, sweat and steam dripping on your gold and gems), movement (think: gym class burpees), layerability (think: Running to a meeting and the necklaces don’t tangle with each other), and style (think: Comments from the girls at happy hour). 

"The point of fine jewellery is it doesn’t need to be taken off between work and workout. "

Lifestyle: We design all our jewellery as collections that go together, and pieces that you really, really love. Like a capsule wardrobe. So it can take you from day to night, from the plane trip to the happy hour, from work to the gym. This makes it easy to dress and style -- think Barack Obama or Ariana Huffington, the trend they follow in focusing their decision-making energy on important business and life decisions each day, rather than their outfit, while they still manage to look elegant and sharp. This also makes it easy to pack for travel, and to live your busy, active life. 

Style: Every True design is inspired to be layerable so it suits your personal style. Our designs are minimalist and modern. While they can be worn every day, 24/7 that does not mean you have to look the same every day. Mix and match. Wear the jewellery in as many different combinations as you want. Layer the necklaces, stack the rings, arm-candy the bracelets! Dress it up for extra special times, dress it down when you want. Play with it and make it your own, without stress but with individuality!

You’re beautiful!