Coachella Style Report 2022

Coachella Style Report 2022

Coachella is a season - it's that beautiful time just at the cusp of spring where it's already summer in California. One of the most exciting seasons we all anticipate, even if you don't plan to attend in person. Coachella season is not just about the music, as much as we'd all like to admit that the lineup announcement every year is exciting. Double that excitement for a post-covid world, and Coachella just hits differently. Here to guide you through the perfect storm of opportunity to showcase your favorite new pieces, we're breaking down the best jewelry style trends that will take you through this season and into Endless Summer.

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Rule #1: You Do You

There's no need to deviate from your go-to ensemble. Trends at Coachella include crochet & knit pieces, grunge glam, elevated bohemian and colourful neon dreams and our favorite sportswear athleisure look even made an appearance. All this to say, there's something for everyone. While you can get away with a little more extreme looks or a little more skin in unexpected places, the way to elevate those looks is with your favorite and easy-to-wear gold chains and ring stacks. 

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Rule #2: Quality AND Quantity

Layer layer layer! 

If there's anything we know about Coachella style, it's that more is more. And what better to wear than a luxurious and [sun]light catching solid gold chain that can handle the drip of the morning pool party, the sweat of the DJ tent and still hold up through the main stage headliner. 

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Rule #3: Colour Is King

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You heard us. Not only does the arm party layer well with your Coachella bracelet like a badge of honor, but it enhances the look. Up-scale the traditional bangles with these beaded bracelets made from real gemstones make you look AND feel like the queen or king that you are. The natural gemstones are a bit more glam than, say, plastic that some of the 90s trends are bringing back and of course the gemstone energies can enhance your experience - if you're into that sort of thing. 

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Rule #4: Reveal and Conceal

Play peekaboo by pairing an unbuttoned blouse with your favorite swim top and the lariat chain necklace and of course, combat boots or converse sneakers. Call attention to it while being conservative with other parts of your look. You're here to show off, don't be shy about it. 

Not into being so obvious? Choose the sparkly mirror chain to capture the sunlight in other places to elevate your look. 

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