How To Look After Jewellery Properly

How To Look After Jewellery Properly

A beloved piece of fine jewellery is the ultimate forever piece and requires a little TLC to keep it looking good as new. The good news? You’ve invested in quality jewellery that can last forever and look new forever. And it is relatively easy to keep it looking fresh.

At True, we only use solid gold, so the tips below will be directed towards our jewellery, specifically. For other metals (not sold at True Curated Designs) such as sterling silver, gold vermeil or gold plated jewellery, be sure to take extra care and avoid contact with perfumes, creams and water - especially salt water and chlorine. This type of jewellery oxidizes and tarnishes or can wear down so you will need to be careful.

Storing your jewellery 

True Curated Designs Jewellery Case

The best way to conserve fine jewellery is to wear it. It is meant to be worn! And while safely stored on your body, it won’t get scratched, tangled or lost. Of course that’s not always practical. We recommend storing your jewellery in a case like the True Curated Designs luxury jewellery case, which has specific sections for various pieces so they do not scratch and tangle.

A less elegant secret insider tip? The diamond industry stores all precious metals in ziplock baggies, and gemstones wrapped in ziplock baggies. This is the best way to keep them from scratching each other, and keep them dry and safe.

Cleaning your jewellery 

When you wear your jewellery every day, soap and lotion residue can get stuck in the difficult-to-clean areas, which may make your jewellery look more dull.We have seen incredible results getting a ring sparkling clean with our Dazzle Stick. Simply twist the wand to access the cleaning solution and brush the jewellery with the soft bristles. Rinse with water. Air dry or use a cool setting on the hair dryer. We provide the Dazzle Stick with the purchase of any of our custom designs so you can keep them looking fresh. Additional wands can be purchased here

Alternatively, you can wash your jewellery in lukewarm water with gentle detergent and a soft-bristle toothbrush. 

Polishing your jewellery 

If you find you want a more deep clean, it’s a great option to get your jewellery cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner. Drop us a note to get a shipping label and we’d be more than happy to professionally clean your jewellery! 


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