The Curated Cut: Canadian Diamonds 101

The Curated Cut: Canadian Diamonds 101

Generally, a diamond’s value is determined by the four C’s: Colour, Cut, Clarity and Carat Weight. However, as social awareness has become increasingly important to consumers, there is another factor at play - country of origin. 

And as a Canadian company, we are proud that the Canadian diamond industry’s ethical standards are among the best in the world. Diamond’s of Canadian origin have been increasingly high in demand for this reason. 

At True Curated Designs, we are committed to ethically produced and fair trade diamonds. In addition to only offering our natural diamonds that are GIA-graded, we ensure to source where the diamonds are produced in a responsible way, and that our diamonds are guaranteed to not fund conflict or terrorism.

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The discovery of diamonds in Canada is a story of human spirit and grit. Canadian diamonds were first found relatively recently, in comparison to the rest of the industry. The first Canadian diamonds were discovered in 1989 when geologists Charles Fipke and Stewart Blusson beat De Beers to the discovery after a decade of searching. It wasn’t easy to overcome the challenges of a polar climate and the remoteness of the mines, which are surrounded by lakes and only accessible by air. 

Adhering to strict environmental and labour laws, Canadian mines - now the world’s third-largest producer of diamonds valued at over $2 billion annually (2018) - have an agreement to return 2% of all royalties from Canadian mined diamonds, and have an agreement to restore the habitat to its original state after the mine expires. 

Canadian diamonds are among the most traceable from mine to market in the world. The GIA specifically produces a report that is available to identify Canaidan diamonds from their origin, and with good Canadian humble confidence, most are inscribed with a microscopic maple leaf, polar bear or other Canadian symbols. 

At True we have a wide selection of Canadian diamonds and can offer you a full report on the origin of your diamond. Click here to book a virtual consultation with one of our experts, and we can start building your Canadian diamond piece.