4 Tips to Help you Pick a Wedding Band

4 Tips to Help you Pick a Wedding Band

Your engagement ring and wedding bands should work together - but they don't have to match. The key in selecting a wedding band is to make it personal. This is your chance to add your own flare on the stack.

Below are 4 things to think about when designing your perfect wedding band: 

Ring and half eternity band1. Add some sparkle - Most rings, especially solitaire diamonds, are versatile. One of the easiest wedding bands to go with is a diamond eternity band with a thin pavé to add some extra sparkle and bling. Already have a pave engagement ring band? Opt for a different size of pave, or the exact same to add a subtle twinkle.


2. Add some metal - The alternative option would be a simple gem-free wedding band to let your main diamond or engagement ring own the attention. This is also a great way to mix metals for versatility - want to add some yellow or rose gold, or white gold/silvery? This is a great way to achieve a 'matching' look with any type of jewellery you're wearing with the rest of your look.


3. MaMatching Wedding Bandtch with Mister. Talk to your man... you may want to pick something that looks like - or matches - what he's going with. This wedding band IS a symbol of your union, after all. 

4. Go unexpected - This is your time to bring in some personality. Do you have a classic ring, but want to add some flare? Do you want to bring in some history with a vintage-inspired wedding band? Were you given a family heirloom ring and want to design something to modernize it? The other option is adding some colour - such as sapphires or pink diamonds. Don't be afraid to make it your own!