Mayari - A collaboration with Alicia Haque

Mayari - A collaboration with Alicia Haque

The Mayari Collection: Inner strength, empowerment and calm through uncertainty.

The sparkling lunar motifs offer guiding light through the seasons of life, inspired by our guide and the collection namesake, Mayari - Goddess of the Moon.

Connecting over a love of adventure, feminine strength, and resilience through personal journeys, Digital Creator Alicia Haque and True founder Tori Dundas created the Mayari pieces to be your everyday companion.

Known as the traveler’s stone, the moonstone holds space for personal vision and encourages us to follow our dreams, providing direction through the unknown - in adventures and life. The diamond-encrusted crescent moon design is a symbol of intuition and femininity, while the circle full moon motifs represent love, constant transformation and an endless flow of energy and growth. The moon in general is a powerful force, with the ability to command the rise and fall of tides and impact change within ourselves.

The Mayari collection is delicate in style, yet durable and strong, mirroring the inspiration behind each design. All pieces are made with natural diamonds and moonstone set in solid 10 karat yellow gold.