High Frequency

High Frequency
A collection of gender neutral bracelets inspired by the energy chakras and made from precious gemstones, the high frequency collection is designed to activate your consciousness. Each bracelet is designed to look absolutely luxurious, while channeling the energy of gemstones that will inspire and support you.

The bracelets come in three shapes:

Baati - a slender oval bead, round - a traditional shape, and hexagon - a masculine inspired edgy shape
The bracelets also come in three sizes, so select what fits best for you. 


Lapis Lazuli

Self knowledge, supporting higher purpose and mental clarity
High Frequency Bracelets | True Curated Designs


Emotional peace, healing, tranquility
High Frequency Chakra Beads | Opal | True Curated Designs

Green Malachite

Courage, truth, expression
High Frequency Chakra Beads | Green Malachite | True Curated Designs

Orange Carnelian

Life force, fertility, hormone balance and sexual and creative energies 
High Frequency Chakra Beads | Carnelian | True Curated Designs


Abundance, prosperity, personal power and creativity

Black Spinel

Protection and grounding, revitalization and inspiration
Black Spinel | Lapis Lazuli | Opal Baati | Bracelets | Chakra | True Curated Designs


Wisdom and divine connection 
High Frequency Bracelets | True Curated Designs


Communication and spiritual expansion 
High Frequency Chakra Beads | Turquoise | True Curated Designs