Gender Neutral Jewelry Collection

Gender Neutral Jewelry Collection

The Boyfriend Edit 

It began on a sunny patio as I took a sip of my spicy pineapple margarita, the sun caught the light of my solid gold curb chain necklace ... and the eye of my boyfriend. By the end of brunch and another margarita or two, he was the new owner of a luxurious solid gold chain which he hasn’t taken it off since. I admit, it was the perfect accessory to his casual, comfortable and stylish hoodie and joggers he had worn on the flight home from Costa Rica earlier that day.

Designed for anyone who loves style and adventure.


Enter: True Gender Neutral Jewelry Collection

The True Gender Neutral Collection features modern and contemporary gold textures and edgy finishes that enhance any look. The collection highlights travel-inspired motifs like a True North compass and a St. Christopher pendant as a cheeky nod to not being confined by borders - be it geographic, style, or gender specific trends. Along with these designs are masculine-inspired chain styles chosen specifically with texture to layer together and be durable for wearing 24/7 on your travels -- because there should be no limitations when it comes to self expression or adventure. 

Incorporating comfort and wearability into jewelry has always been the key feature of True designs. As an active and busy person, designer Tori Dundas believes that jewelry that you can live in is important. Durable wearability for your lifestyle and layer-ability for your personal style, plus gorgeous materials because you deserve the best. 


Gender Neutral Jewelry | True Curated Designs

The Collection 

Rope chain

Not your basic chain - this one comes with a twist. Rope can be a symbol of nautical ocean adventures and the texture adds intrigue to any outfit.

Barcelona curb chain

Genderless chain in 10 karat yellow gold, with the confidence take over the world. Available in multiple lengths and widths to suit your personal style.  

Curb Chain | True Curated Designs


St. Christopher pendant

St. Christopher is the patron saint of safe travel. This token has been worn for decades by surfers as protection for the travels as they searched the globe for waves. This pendant has also been given by both men and women to their partners as a token of 'going steady', and has also been given as a graduation gift to those who are heading off into the world, as protection and guidance.

St Christopher Pendant | True Curated Designs

Compass signet ring and pendant

Knowing where you want to go isn't always about the destination - it's about the journey. This compass pendant is designed for those with an adventurous spirit - be it for global travel or the self-growth journey. Let this solid gold pendant with unique compass and rope twist motif act as a daily reminder of where you have come from, and where you are going. 

Paperclip chain and bracelet

Bold, yet simple, this link chain and bracelet adds a vibe to any neck or arm stack. 

Solid Gold Chains | True Curated Designs