Custom Engagement Ring Inquiry

A Fresh, Approachable Take On Luxury

True engagement rings are all made-to-order, to meet your needs. The True custom design process outlined below is managed from start to finish by our design consultants to design your dream ring. 

Tori Dundas of True Curated Designs

Step 1: Consultation

Whether you have a specific vision, or don't know where to start, we’ll guide you through every step of the process during the initial consultation. We have a specific list of questions to dive deeply into your preferred style, values, budget, design, timeline and diamond.

We work with clients over video chat, text, phone call, in person or email - whatever is your desired method of communication. 

From the initial consultation, we will narrow down your design and source your dream diamond or gemstone.

To enable us to provide you with a design crafted to the highest standards of quality and style, please allow at least three months for your engagement ring to be ready for shipping. 

Step 2: Diamond/Gemstone Selection

Oval diamond

Before we can finalize the design, we need to know which stone we're designing with! Your stone is a personal choice. Every diamond or gemstone is unique in its combination of carat, colour, clarity and cut, and we’ll work together to select the right one for you.

We work directly with diamond wholesalers to curate ethically-sourced, GIA-certified mined diamonds, or carbon-neutral lab grown diamonds. Not sure which you want? We can chat about it or feel free to read more here.

As we don't hold stock of any diamonds, we can take your desired criteria and source from our global network to ensure you get the highest quality for the best value, unlike typical jewellers who sell their own in-stock diamonds from a limited selection. 

You will be provided with diamonds to choose from, and provided with a final quote based on each diamond. From your diamond selection, we move to finalize the design and produce the ring.

Let's Get Started

Step 3: Creation

3D Rendering Engagement Ring

Using design technology, we will create a digital visual of your custom engagement ring for you to approve. All rings are produced to the highest standard of craftsmanship, with setting and finishing completed by master bench jewellers. When your piece is complete, it will be inspected by an independent certified jewellery appraiser. The appraisal certificate will be shipped to you along with your one of a kind, custom engagement ring in our sophisticated True packaging. 

Now all that is left to do is to plan that special moment!