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  • Bespoke Bridal - Made Just For You

    Trying to pick one piece of jewellery that you - or your partner - will wear every day, for the rest of your life can be a difficult one. What engagement ring should I buy? What engagement ring suits me? At True Curated Designs, we believe that is why every ring should be bespoke, made to order. That way, you know the ring is unique, like your love. Even if you choose a classic style, the ring itself is made just for you.

    As design and style experts, we will provide sound advice through the design process. When working with clients, we guide you through selection of all the elements of your ring, starting first with your budget and values. Then we can talk about design elements. 

  • Our Best Selling True Love

    Enter: The Right Hand Ring. This style, traditionally called the “Cocktail Ring”, came from a strong and beautiful history. The 1920s gave birth to a rise of women celebrating their independence, while maintaining their strength in femininity, and they started wearing these large and incredible gemstones on their right hands as a symbol of their earning power, status and beauty.
  • Endless Summer

    As the days get shorter, the evenings cooler and the patio drinks fewer, our minds fade to the orange leaves, stylish scarves and warm lattes of fa...
  • Diamonds with Depth: Everything You Need to Know About Diamond Shapes and Diamond Cuts

    When selecting a diamond, the term ‘cut’ is often used interchangeably with the term ‘shape’, but they are not actually referring to the same thing. Shape refers to the outline of the stone (ie. pear, oval, round). Cut refers to the way the facets are arranged on the diamond to make the light reflect and create the specific type of brilliance.
  • What's Your Ring Style?

    As GIA-certified jewellery design (JD) experts, we are style experts and will provide sound advice. When working with clients, we guide you through selection of all the elements of your ring:  The setting and shank, the center diamond - or alternative gemstone - and the style.