Endless Summer

Endless Summer
Tori Dundas

on August 31, 2020

As the days get shorter, the evenings cooler and the patio drinks fewer, our minds fade to the orange leaves, stylish scarves and warm lattes of fall. But the summer glow doesn’t have to end. True jewellery is inspired to make every day feel like an adventure - from the naming of the collections, to the highest quality materials that can stand up to any activity you wear your jewellery doing. Enter: The Endless Summer collection. With 14 karat solid yellow gold the colour of the summer sun, tiny diamonds like sparkles on the water, and a motif inspired by the shape of a surfboard, this collection was inspired by my passion for surfing and the pursuit of an endless summer - travelling to sunny destinations year round with surf and sunshine on the mind.

This collection is the ultimate luxury for lovers of the ocean waves and pursuit of the endless summer dream.

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Read on to view some of our favourite Endless Summer pieces


Endless Summer 5-stone necklace

Endless Summer 5-stone Necklace 


This dainty necklace goes everywhere, and with everything.  The 5 diamonds set each in a mini surfboard-motif gleam brightly from day to night. This necklace is small enough to not get in the way during your morning run -let's face it, we are sometimes too busy to take on and off jewellery - and chic enough to stand up any outfit, layered with longer necklaces for your evening events.


Endless Summer Eternity Ring

Endless Summer Eternity Ring


The Endless Summer Diamond Eternity Band is made from solid gold and diamonds. It goes with every other piece in the collection, never needs to be taken off, and will always shine like gold.

We only use solid gold and diamonds because we want you to have the best and enjoy it for years to come. Sometimes in life we only occasionally wear or use our precious pieces because they are, well, precious, and only to be used for an occasion. But why keep beauty in a box? This Endless Summer band is for your life and daily wear - from your travels, to your office, to your workout, to your cocktail party and through the night.

Endless Summer Necklace

Endless Summer Necklace


With yellow gold the colour of the summer sun, tiny diamonds like sparkles on the water, and a motif inspired by the shape of a surfboard, this necklace was the key inspiration behind this collection. Inspired by Founder Tori Dundas's passion for surfing and pursuit of an endless summer - traveling to sunny destinations year-round, this necklace is the ultimate luxury for lovers of the ocean waves. 


Diamond Stud Earrings

Endless Summer Diamond Stud Earrings


A classic.

These True round brilliant diamond studs are hand selected for the perfect diamond and set in a 4-prong basket setting in 14 karat gold.

Inspired by the gleaming summer sun, chasing the endless summer and traveling to sunny destinations year-round, these studs are perfect luxury that you deserve to show for wherever your adventures take you.


Lagos Endless Summer Endless Hoop


An endless loop for your endless summer dreams year-round. Inspired by the large, round, warm summer sun, these hoops are made from luxurious 14 karat yellow gold.

No other metal on earth is the colour of gold. And nothing shines like gold, which is why its symbol, Au, is named for the sun. 


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Endless Summer Ring